ACAS discrimination guides

For those of you in need of some additional summer holiday reading, ACAS has published three guides on discrimination in the workplace.

The first guide sets out the basic law on discrimination.  It covers the nine protected characteristics, giving examples of each.  It goes on to look at the different forms of discrimination: direct (including by association and perception); indirect, harassment and victimisation.

The second guide looks at preventing discrimination and supporting equality.  The guide covers the possible areas of discrimination from job adverts to pay structures, training and flexible working regimes.  ACAS stress the need to have a working equality policy in place as well as training staff on the issues.

The third guide advises what to do if an employee raises a complaint of discrimination in the workplace.  The guide looks at the tricky issues that can arise: such as, whether to temporarily transfer or suspend an employee who has raised a complaint; and whether to adopt a formal or informal approach.

You may not wish to take the guides to the beach with you, but they are worth a read.  You can link to the guides here.

 Petra Venton